Why our product is the best?

Thai food and beverage are accepted in the delicious taste from people around the world. In each year, million people around the world needed to visit Thailand for taste Thai food. So we aim to provide high-quality Thai food and beverage to customers around the world get delicious taste like a traveler who visited Thailand.

About Us

          A.K International Trading Co., Ltd is one of leading frozen fruit and vegetable, food products and beverage supplier, exporter and manufacturer from Thailand. As our supplier relationship who we have been dealing for many years, we able control in quality raw material and competitive price for produce frozen fruit and vegetable and premium food product such as chili sauce, sweet chili sauce, seafood sauce to meet customer satisfaction.  We have experience in the global market.  We have begun to expand the overseas market by participated food and fruit international fair in many countries such as UAE, Europe, etc.  We get more positive feedback from our client.  Our goal is to be the leading foodstuff product company in the global markets by providing the highest quality products, best service and unique value.


  • We focus build relationship with our customer and partnership for long term.
  • We are wins both partner and customers.
  • To serve Thai premium food and beverage meet customer satisfy need.
  • Transparency in all our dealings.
  • Quickly solve problems with client.


Frozen Water Chestnut

IQF Frozen Water Chestnut have sourced raw material from our trust supplier network.  All of the fresh water chestnuts have harvested in ThailandFrozen water chestnut favor is more crispy and sweet and provides many nutrients.

Frozen Baby Sweet Corn

Frozen Baby Corn Thailand is well known in crispy and sweeter. That the client able to transform into baby corn can or supply restaurant as raw material. A.K International Trading co., Ltd (Thailand) have many suppliers networks in Thailand to supply fresh baby corn to us for frozen baby corn process. In (IQF)frozen baby corn process, we have been cleaning …

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